Friday, May 8, 2015

Glaentzer One-Name Study

TheresiaGlaentzer02I love the Glaentzer (Gläntzer, Glentzer, Glantzer, Glaenzer) surname because it is very uncommon.  When I find a Glaentzer in the records I know that it has to be one of my relatives. Lucky for me I have a distant cousin in Germany that is also working on this line.  Because of the work she has done over there we have the Glaentzers back to Hans Casper Glentzer born abt. 1624, died 24 Oct 1691 in Bretten.

Off of this main line there is a branch that migrated to Italy, another branch that migrated to France and yet another that migrated to the United States.  The Glaentzer surname is perfect for a One-Name Study.  I have registered this surname with the
Guild of One-Name Studies and The Surname Society. I don’t have DNA yet but I really need to get it because there is only one male left in my line.  The problem is, he is in Germany and DNA testing is rare over there.  I need to give him some time to get used to the idea.

If you are interested in conducted a one-name study, here are some resources for you.


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    Your readers might also like to know that Pharos Teaching and Tutors offer two courses on one-name studies. There is an introductory course on One-Name Studies:

    They also offer a course on advanced one-name studies:

    Both of these courses have been developed in collaboration with the Guild of One-Name Studies.

    Helen Osborn, who runs these courses, is a well respected member of the Guild. She gave an inspiring lecture "What's the point of a one-name study?" at one of our recent seminars. The recording is now available on YouTube and you might find it of interest: