Wednesday, May 27, 2015

So sad

I told you that when I am working on Legacy’s Research Guidance I have to access records in every database I add to see exactly what information they contain.  I was working on Nova Scotia Deaths, 1864-1877 and I randomly clicked on a page for Pictou County when I found three children (siblings) that had all died of Scarlet Fever.  John McIntosh age 1 year and 3 months died on 10 February 1876, Anne McIntosh age 5 years died on the 13th of February, and Daniel McIntosh age 7 died on March 2nd.  Their parents were Duncan and Bella McIntosh.  You can see the actual page HERE.  I can’t imagine losing one child let alone three children in a span of less than three weeks.

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  1. Oh no! Live Writer is all I use. Otherwise my posts are gonna look awful. Say it isn't so Michele.

    1. Supposedly it is something on Blogger's end and they are working on it.

  2. While indexing some death certificates at MDAH I see so many tragic instances. A WWI vet killed his wife, their children and their land-lady, then killed himself. So many children died from the so-called childhood diseases. I can not understand why some parents refuse to have their children vaccinated.

  3. I had always been told that my paternal grandmother had twins who died. When I found their death certificates on the Georgia's Virtual Vault website I was horrified to find: the boys were born 16 Aug 1919; J. C. died 21 Sep 1920; W.C. died 4 Oct 1920. The real kicker is that my father was born 2 Dec 1920. Can you imagine losing two children, while pregnant with another child? My grandmother died before I was born, but my heart aches for her.