Friday, May 15, 2015

Why I like the name Smith

One of the things I do at Legacy is update the Research Guidance feature.  Whenever I add a new database I have to look at the database very closely to see exactly what information can be gleaned.  If it is a simple index it is no problem but if there are images I have to look at several from different areas and different time periods so that I can get a good overview of what might be found in that particular record set.  Many of the databases that have images also have an index so I put in random names and then click on the link to see the page.  Guess what name I use?  Smith of course!  Every country has their Smiths and as long as I know what it is I am in good shape.  Here are just a few.

Poland – Nowak
Spain – García
Germany – Müller
Japan – Satō
Finland – Korhonen
Greece - Papadopoulos
Italy – Rossi
Peru - Quispe

When I am actually doing research I don’t like Smiths so much. 


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  1. I've also used "Smith" to try to determine if FamilySearch has indexed my area of interest in various databases. If I get no hits, I conclude that those records have not been indexed.

  2. I use Smith all the time at work (non-genealogical) when I test out databases. Unfortunately when it comes to family history, my last name isn't the Smith (Garcia) of Latin American records, but it is the Jones (Gonzales). Lucky for me their migration is very distinct. It helps keep me straight.

  3. Wales - Jones, with Owens a close second.

  4. I had never even thought about doing that to test a database. I could probably even use my married name, Hall, to see what they have or don't have. Thanks for the tip Michele. Now, if I would ever use the Research Guidance in Legacy, I'd be all set.