Monday, June 15, 2015

Should I change my name?

One of the Legacy French translators always writes my name as Michèle with an accent mark because that is how it is written in French. I kind of like it. My dad always told me that he spelled my name with one L because that was the French way. Too bad he forgot to include the accent mark. Whenever I email this French translator (and now all of our French translators) I use this spelling.

So what are the implications? I wonder if a hundred years from now a genealogist will be entering this as an AKA for me.


Copyright © 2015 Michèle Simmons Lewis


  1. Traditionally this name is written Michelle for a girl and Michel for a boy. The accent is needed when it is spelled with only one L in order to have the open "a" sound otherwise it would sound like a closed "eu".... not very pretty. That is why your translator write your name with the accent, because for him, your name without it just is NOT right!
    Now I am French too! I use FTM2014 and I cannot stand the results in reports, half in English and half in French, since all I input, I write in French. How does Legacy perform in French? I was not very convince the last time I visited the French Legacy pages. It seemed that it was still in the building mode. Thanks.

  2. We have a dedicated French version and our French translators are constantly working to make it better. Here is the French version's web page

    I like Michèle better than Michelle. When I was growing up (and still today) everyone spells my name with two Ls and it drives me crazy. At least Michèle looks more like my name than Michelle does :)

  3. My mother wanted to call me Sian which is welsh for Jane. She spelled it Sharn so that people could pronnounce it. I would love to change it to Sian ... I know the dilemma

  4. When I write to my new-found cousins in Ireland, I always include my middle name (Kathleen) in my signature - I think Kathleen is Irish? :-)