Monday, August 3, 2015

Why I have been offline

I thought I would explain why I have been taking some time off.  I am working on my One-Name Study because I will be publishing it online soon.  The Guild of One-Name Studies has a pilot project going on where they are hosting web space for One-Name Studies.  I have approximately 800 more vital events I want to get entered into my file and then do a little cleanup before I upload my gedcom.  It takes me approximately 5 minutes to 15 minutes to enter one vital event depending if the person and his parents/spouse are already in my file.  I am also having to learn TNG so that I get a nice looking website.

I will give you the URL of my study as soon as I get it uploaded and I will probably do a blog on the differences between doing “normal” research and doing a One-Name Study.  There are some different research techniques and priorities.

I will write some blog posts soon but since my brain is pretty occupied at the moment I need y’all to send me a few ideas to get me started.  You can email me at


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  1. I will be here when you return. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. A One Name Study is a wonderful thing! At some point, I might start one with one of my German families. I hope you have wonderful success with it!

  3. I look forward to your One Name Study blog posts since I've never done one and have been wondering what the benefit is.