Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Shameless plug

Legacy just released a new updated website that is just awesome! If you have been thinking about getting a webinar subscription now is the time. This new updated website is mobile friendly and it now has a playlist so that you can pull in the webinars you want to watch. If you start watching one and get interrupted you can pick up where you left off and Legacy will remember ALL of the webinars that you are in the middle of watching. That's my favorite feature so I am mentioning that one specifically but there are all kinds of cool new things on this website. The webinar subscription is on sale right now for $49.95 for a year.

Legacy’s new webinar website

Video tour of the website showcasing the new features


Click graphic to access the ordering page

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  1. This looks good. I like the playlist and the pausing abilities! Thank you for sharing it! I wanted to tell you that I've included your post in my Noteworthy Reads for this week:

  2. You got me! I had been watching the free ones when I had the chance but I couldn't pass up the sale. It will also be a lot more convenient than trying to schedule my lunch at work so I could watch.The ones I really wanted to see I never seemed to catch during the free week. This is going to be so much better. Thank you!