Monday, October 12, 2015

Thank you ACPL and PERSI

The Allen County Library (ACPL) in Fort Wayne, Indiana is the creator of the Periodical Source Index (PERSI) which has been of great use to me over the years.  I just received copies of five articles that appeared in the South Carolina Historical Magazine.

  • “South Carolina Episcopal Church Records” by Margaretta Childs and Isabella G. Leland, Oct 1983
  • “South Carolina Methodist Records” by Richard N. Côté, Jan 1984
  • “South Carolina Presbyterian Records” by Richard N. Côté, Apr 1984
  • “South Carolina Baptist Records” by J. Glen Clayton, Oct 1984
  • “South Carolina Religious Records: Other Denominations” by Richard N. Côté, Jan 1985

South Carolina, unlike everyone else, didn’t keep marriage records at the county level until 1911 which is very inconvenient.  There are a few scattered marriage records in the court records but there aren’t many.  One must turn to church records and newspapers.  I am going to address newspapers in the next post because there is something very important to know when you want to try and find something in a newspaper.

Before you start a search through church records you need to know what records actually exist and where they are housed.  That is why I ordered the above articles.  They are a gold mine of information and I am starting to put together a comprehensive research plan.  I am looking for a specific marriage and I am not 100% sure which church the couple belonged to (I suspect Episcopal) so I must look at all of the denominations.  It’s a needle in a haystack search and that it why it is doubly important to search methodically and keep records of everything that has been searched.


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