Monday, November 23, 2015

When microfilm is better than the original

Here is what I have in my marriage notes for Eli Meredith and Martha McMichael:

Jane Doe* at the Pike County, AL Circuit Court Clerk's Office states that Eli and Martha show up in their marriage index but when she went to the marriage book itself to make a copy the page was missing. [*name changed]

FamilySearch now has the Alabama county marriage books online.  Look what I found.

Meredith, Eli and Martha McMichael marriage 1856

This marriage book was microfilmed in 1979.  Sometime after that pages from the book were torn out.  I have several missing marriages from this same book that are no longer missing. 


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  1. Thanks for the info about the Alabama marriage books being online. Perhaps the old book became so worn that the pages fell out, but if someone removed them on purpose, they should be prosecuted.

  2. Wow! How great is that, you were able to find something thought lost.

  3. Someone tore the pages out? Wow, if they were removed on purpose, I'm with Nan re: prosecution. So glad the images were preserved!