Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Bombshell has announced that they are discontinuing Family Tree Maker (FTM) as of 31 Dec 2015.  You can read their official announcement HERE.  I have to say, I wasn’t expecting that.  No problem though.  You can easily switch to Legacy.  It happens to be on sale right now so that is even better.


You already know that I work for Legacy but did you know that I have been using Legacy since 2005 which is long before I ever went to work for them.  It just so happens I switched from FTM and I have never looked back.  

Getting your information from FTM to Legacy is a simple two-step process.  You export your FTM file as a gedcom file and then you import that gedcom into Legacy. That’s it. The number #1 question from FTM users is, “Will my media files transfer?” and the answer to that is yes if you are using one of the newer versions of FTM that links to media instead of embedding the images.  If you have a tree you will want to make sure that your tree is completely sync’d to your computer and all of the media files have been downloaded.  When you create the gedcom the media links will be there and Legacy will “see” them.

If you have any other questions or need help switching from FTM to Legacy you can join our Legacy User Group Facebook page and ask there (close to 6000 people will be more than happy to help including tech support personnel and some of our top beta testers) or you can email us at


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  1. Michelle, when do you think Legacy's Mac version will be ready? I've used FTM for syncing but your blog ( and other's) have led me to input my data directly into my desktop program. I feel I have more control over facts and sources. So a switch to legacy should be easy.

    1. We have no timetable yet. We have a lot of Mac users though. All you need is an emulator program such as Parallels or Bootcamp and Windows. A lot of Mac users already have this because they want to run other PC programs.