Saturday, February 6, 2016

All it took was a little persistence Part II

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My grandfather’s complete medical file from 1948-1949, 75 pages worth, arrived yesterday from Germany on a CD.  I am not going to give any specifics about what I found in these papers.  I will only say that they were loaded with information, information that made me very sad and made me want to investigate his life even more.  I have requested his German military records.  The process to obtain them can take up to one year. 

I am also heading into another direction, Poland.  My grandfather was an ethnic German but was born in what would become Poland. His mother and father were also born in this area (Łódź Voivodeship) and both of their ancestral lines were in this same area for several generations.  I have this information from a 2nd cousin in German who did the leg work.  However, the research is not complete and I want more information about my grandfather’s childhood and the family’s journey to Germany proper before World War I broke out.  Tensions were high in the area against the Germans so the family was forced to flee.  My grandfather would have been about eight years old.  When he was 16, his mother and rest of the remaining family had to swear their citizenship to Prussia/Germany since they were known to have come from what was now being controlled by the Polish.  These citizenship papers were found in the effects of one of my grandfather’s brothers.  Supposedly my grandfather’s father was killed on the journey back but I have no proof of this, only that his wife was listed as a widow on her citizenship papers.

My grandfather’s life is something you would read in a book.  He has a real story to tell and I hope that one day I will be able to tell it for him.

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