Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Update to Mystery Marker

Here is the original Mystery Marker blog post.

Now the update: I received Katie’s death certificate in the mail.  She was already widowed when she died so her husband is not named.  I was able to confirm her parents.

The informant on the death certificate was J. W. Warden and he was listed as a “son.”  So was Katie married twice?  I checked the Mississippi marriage index and found Katie Hickman and Harry Warden who married on 16 Jan 1917 in Forrest County. 

Katie would have been 17 years old so this would probably be her first marriage.  This would explain why I didn’t find a Hickman – Simmons marriage in the index (I did check).  It is a moot point because I can’t find a Warden – Simmons marriage either.

However, I still have a lot more info on Katie than I had.


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