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Choosing a scanner–Eric Basir, guest blogger

Choosing a scanner
Eric Curtis M. Basir
Photo Grafix


After reading the first article about taking care of your original photos and documents, you are ready to start preserving them digitally. To do that, you need a scanner. However, do not settle for any scanner that seems good or has a nice price. Quality is absolutely the most important. Fortunately, for us, quality does not always mean “expensive.”

For well over 15 years I continue to recommend that all genealogists choose Epson for scanning photos and documents (unfortunately they do not pay me for such glowing reviews). In my opinion, the Epson driver (software that lets the scanner communicate with your computer) is easily customizable and simple to use. The optics (the electronic parts that read the originals) is also very accurate.

Simply put, Epson gives you high quality scans at an affordable price. Currently I have been recommending the Epson V600 model. This scanner handles flat pictures and negatives. If you are willing to spend more to scan in large quantities per session, go with the Epson V800 series.

When it comes to portability, there is no comparison to the Flip-Pal. It’s very small and has very good “stitching” software that helps you scan large originals with ease. However, this scanner only scans in the JPG format. TIF is the archival quality format. JPG is not! A few years back I wrote a Flip-Pal review comparing the subtle difference of quality between scanning as JPG (with Flip-Pal) and TIF with Epson. Note that I wrote “subtle.” So it is not a horrible drawback. If all you have to use is the Flip-Pal then by all means, use it! However, I recommend that you read it and be aware.

There are also other specifications that you might consider when purchasing a scanner. I made a video at the Photo Grafix YouTube Channel covering them. However, you really don’t need to worry so much about that if you go with the Epson scanners that I recommend.

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