Monday, March 7, 2016

Introducing Eric Basir, guest blogger


Eric C. M. Basir launched Photo Grafix in 1999, a photographic restoration and retouching studio based in Evanston, IL. Using a combination of photographic, illustration and computer skills acquired through formal education and professional experience, he has served hundreds of genealogists throughout the United States with high-quality digital restoration of their photographic collections since 2001. He has an extensive portfolio of work with advertising agencies, book and magazine publishers, and professional photographers. Eric is the author of three books, over a dozen tutorials, and a video course about digital photo preservation and restoration. He is also the Facebook Page Manager for the Genealogical Speakers Guild.

He has written three blog posts for Ancestoring; Keeping your photos safe, Choosing a scanner, and Choosing photo retouching software. This is great information and I am very happy to give Eric the space on the blog. The first article will run tomorrow.

You can Email Eric Basir with any questions you might have during this series.

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