Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Shared Ancestor Hint I can use

Today I got a Shared Ancestor Hint that I can actually use. 


So what’s so special about this hint?  I have submitted a DAR application using Patriot Reuben Radford.  I have my line proven all the way up the chain.  The person I match has a line up to Reuben through a different child of William’s.  I don’t know if she has it proven on paper or not, all I know is that we are a DNA match.  If she has her lineage proven, a DNA match to her makes my case stronger.  It is a bit of a moot point since I have already turned in my paperwork but it still makes me feel good. Of course it is possible that we have a DNA match with a different ancestor that Ancestry didn’t pick up on or one of us doesn’t have that ancestor in our tree but I am just going to go with Reuben for now. I have sent my new cousin an email.


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  1. That's great. Congratulations on both counts.

  2. Do you know if DAR is accepting DNA as part of the proof now? That could be quite helpful!