Monday, April 25, 2016

Follow-up to “Patience, Grasshopper”

Here is the original post, Patience, Grasshopper.

I received Ella’s Indiana death certificate today.  It is as I expected, this is not MY Ella.  I was pretty sure this would be the case but I can’t help being a tad disappointed.

This Ella was born 16 Jul 1874 in Clinton County, Indiana and was the daughter of Stephen Ford and unknown Rogers.  She lived in Clinton County her entire life.

My Ella was born in June 1874 in Marion County, Mississippi and was the daughter of Charles Franklin Ford and Martha Waller. 

What about all of the “trees” out there that have my Ella and this Ella confused?  A few years ago I would have told you that I planned to email every one of them with the correct info but after bad experiences with doing this sort of thing I am not going to bother.

Indiana State Department of Health, death certificate no. 27596 (1951), Ella Ford Goff. 


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  1. You wouldn't believe (yes, you would!) the insults I've received when trying to correct mistakes folks have placed on the internet about my family. I, too, have quit trying. Only once did I get a nice reply and apology -- a young woman who was just starting out research had placed my GG-grandmother in her family and she corrected the info.

    It all boils down to this: Use the internet as clues, only!

  2. Sometimes, when I come across a really interesting newspaper article or a photo on ebay or something, I reach out & send a message to a few researchers who have those people on their trees. I've only received a few "thank yous." I'm not ready to stop helping, but I certainly understand your not going to the effort to contact the other researchers - and to possibly get rude replies. Possibly, your correct info will spread around the internet! :) Happy Hunting!

  3. Same situation! Multiple wrong trees, including a cousin who refuses to correct the shaking leaf wrong entry for our great grandparents even though I have explained about the written proof I possess; he's not even interested in looking at the documents. I've also quit trying to correct wrong trees, as many people are just not interested in actual proof documents ...