Friday, April 1, 2016

Get more out of newspapers


I am a bit of a storyteller. I like narratives. I don't like reducing a person to a laundry list of facts. I learned a little tip from John Colletta when I heard him speak at IGHR. He happens to be the master of genealogical storytelling. Even if you can't find any reference in the newspaper to your ancestor specifically why not look for some things that will help tell your ancestor's story. What was the weather like when the event occurred? What was the political climate? What was the social climate? What was going on in the local churches? Were there any natural disasters or epidemics that might have affected your ancestor? Was there an influx of people coming into the area from a migration or immigration? Getting this background information is essential to being able to tell your ancestor's story.

has TWELVE webinars on newspaper research and NINE of them are FREE.  You can see them all HERE.  These webinars will help you learn how to find what you are looking for in newspapers. 

By the way, the above newspaper page from The St. Tammany Farmer details the murder of Rougier Grantham, my second cousin, twice removed.

"Bonny Aldrich kills R. Grantham over disputed debt, five dollars," The St. Tammany Farmer, 15 January 1916, p. 1, col. 2-3; digital images, Library of Congress ( : accessed 28 October 2013). 


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