Monday, April 18, 2016

So here’s my problem

You can read the background story here, Wish me luck!  which I posted on Saturday. I worked on this all weekend and I have run into a bit of a snafu.  My DNA match hasn’t emailed me back.  I asked for his sources for his direct line relationships.  I have been trying to find the sources for his direct line relationships myself both because of impatience and because I want to see the proof myself.  I made it up several rungs but now I am stuck.  I did a quick survey of the online trees just to see what people have for parents of this one person and I found three different sets of parents.  Of course no one had sources for any of the parents other than other unsourced trees.

I have got to be able to prove his direct line all the way up to his brick wall ancestor or his information isn’t helpful.  DNA is great but without a paper trail it isn’t going to do me any good.


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  1. Reminds me of the commercial where the man dangles a dollar bill on a fishing pole and keeps snatching it away. I have started at least a dozen dna trees that end with multiple sets of parents, no sources and no leads found. Good luck to us both.

  2. I feel your pain, although I am not using it for a society. Someone contacted me due to a DNA match, and I have spent more time disproving her tree than actually making a connection. We are related somehow, but with her mis-sourced tree, we are getting nowhere fast trying to find that connection. This guy is going to be so lucky to have connected with the likes of you!