Saturday, April 16, 2016

Wish me luck!

One of my uncles was kind enough to donate some yDNA for me and I did a 67 marker yDNA test. I had a very close yDNA match. The match had tested at 111 markers so I upgraded my test. I now have the results.  It is a 110/111 marker match. You can't get much closer than that.

I have inputted the match's direct line tree and have started working on backing up his tree with sources. I need to know if his paper trail is valid or I could go off in the wrong direction. I have emailed him asking for his direct line tree that also includes the siblings.

His brick wall ancestor is 2 generations older than mine and in a state I suspected my ancestor's family originally came from based on known migration patterns.

My ancestor is at 7 generations for me and his is at 10 generations for him. FTDNA’s prediction is 95.60% at 8 generations and 99.59% at 12 generations.  We are right on target.

This will be a brick wall I can bust.


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  1. Wonderful and exciting news; I look forward to seeing how it goes!