Wednesday, May 18, 2016

And it’s a match!

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Remember how I said that one of my uncle’s yDNA matches agreed to update from 67 markers to 111? Well look what I got in the mail this morning.



It turned out exactly as I expected. My uncle is a 110/111 match to the above person and that person is a 111/111 match to the third person. You just can’t get better results than this! The three lines are completely different and finding where they come together is an exciting challenge. I think that this yDNA match will eventually break down my 20+ year brick wall. I still haven’t heard from one of the matches but the above match is just as excited as I am. The results have already been uploaded to the Simmons project page. I can’t screenshot it because it is too large but if you click HERE and then scroll down to Family E you will see us. If you look at our numbers all three of us match across the board for every value except DYS442. I have a value of 13 and both of them have a value of 12.

What this means in practical terms is that the other two men have 99% chance of a common ancestor at 6 generations.  I have a 95% chance to match them at 8 generations.  

Take a look at our lines again.  My line is in the middle, I used my dad’s name instead of my uncle that tested since my uncle is still living. The first is at 10 generations, I am at 6 generations and the 3rd is also at 6. We are so close! The 2nd and 3rd lines are proven on paper. It’s the first line that is the mystery. I can’t get ahold of this person to get his sources. I have been trying to prove his line up the chain myself but I am stuck on Henry. I need to know what the proof is for Henry’s parents and then up. I think I will email him again.




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  1. I sure hope I can figure out all this DNA jargon soon. I'm going to Jamboree and hope to attend several DNA classes. I've been to one here in SD with CeCe Moore as our speaker. She's awesome, but most of what she said was Greek to me. Lots to learn. Keep these posts coming. In enjoy following them.

  2. How exciting! I noted that your family was in SC and migrated to Perry Co., MS. My Warnock family was in SC (no notes before me as to location)for the 1820 census and were found in the Perry Co., MS tax rolls about 1822; by 1825 they were in Copiah County, MS. Other names migrating about the same time were Newell & Byrd. Wonder if there was a specific cause for the move or if SC was getting too crowded.

  3. South Carolina to Mississippi was a pretty common migration as was North Carolina to Mississippi. Everyone was looking for new farming land.

    Having said that, once you check your notes let me know from which district/county in South Carolina your Warnocks came from. You never know. My Simmons clan was in the Mississippi Territory by 1805 so they were a bit earlier. The reason I am interested is one of my Simmons' migrated from Perry to Copiah though that was a bit later. He made the move between 1846 (Perry Co, Tax Roll) and 1850 (Fed. Census).