Thursday, May 5, 2016

Super fun graphic of 3 yDNA lines

This is a follow-up to Wish me luck and Update to wish me luck.

This first line is my 110/111 match.  This line is unproven.  I still haven’t heard back from that researcher and I am still trying to prove all the connections.

The second line is mine. It is proven all the way up the chain.

The third line is my 67/67 match.  This line is proven all the way up.  This researcher has updated to 111 markers and we are both anxiously awaiting the results.

Our best guess at this time is that our common ancestor is in Virginia and then the lines migrated to Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia.

privateLines created using Legacy 8 Charting, lines combined into one graphic using MS Paint.


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  1. Based off of the 67/67 and the 110/111 matches, how many generations back do you suspect the lines should converge?

    1. FTDNA says 95% chance it is at 8 generations so 8-9 is a good bet.

  2. Michele, You are showing your matches with the Simmons surname. Have you discovered any "legitimate" matches at the 67- and/or 111- marker levels with other surnames? In my case, my surname is Smith of which I can show documentary proof to late 1790s and I match, at the 111-marker level to the following Seymour/Seymer b.c. 1535 with a 10 genetic distance (GD); Robinson b.c. 1690 with a 9 GD; Ware b.c. 1821 with an 8 GD; and Follis b.c. 1680 with an 8 GD. These 111-marker matches are extremely close, in some cases too close for comfort. I ask the questions as I am trying to understand the degree of surname changes in the scope of monitoring an ancestry line. Jim

    1. I only have two matches at the 67 marker level (one is 67 and one is 111) and they are both Simmons. The next closed match is at 60/67. This is indeed a different surname (Pelton). At 60\67 match we are not close. According to FTDNA we have a 92.47% chance of having a common ancestor at 24 generations. 24 generations is waaaaaaaay back!

      If you go to the Simmons project page, you will see several surnames there that have a close enough match to a Simmons to make the page.