Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Buckner Hospital

I am working on a report about my 3rd great-grandfather who died at Buckner Hospital in Gainesville, Alabama after the Battle of Shiloh. I just found a memoir that a nurse who served Buckner Hospital wrote. She detailed the horrible conditions there and stated,

"Alas! alas! were these the brave men who had made forever glorious the name of Shiloh?"

Having a first hand account of what was going on at the hospital at the time is invaluable. Since she was there after the Battle of Shiloh, it is very possible she herself took care of my 3rd great-grandfather.

Mathew Patton is buried at the Confederate Cemetery in Gainesville though his grave is only marked as “unknown.”  There are well over 200 unknown graves here.

imagePhotograph Copyright © 2016, Tammy Underwood McCown, used with permission


Fannie A. Beers, Memories: A Record of Personal Experience and Adventure During Four Years of War (Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company, 1889), 59-69; digital images, Google Books (https://books.google.com : accessed 30 July 2016).


Copyright © 2016 Michèle Simmons Lewis


  1. Unknown? Unknown? He needs to be known to the world. I was able to get the unmarked grave for my 3x great grandfather marked with the help of the VA and a very kind funeral home director. I'm sure the memoir from the nurse is fascinating but I'm so sorry the soldiers endured those conditions.

  2. My 3rd. great uncle, Brig. Gen. Alexander Travis Hawthorn, commanded a brigade at Shiloh.

    1. My Mathew served in Company D of the 22nd Regiment, Alabama Infantry. Only 123 men in the entire 22nd Alabama Infantry lived through the battle. In total over 23,000 men died. Terrible.