Wednesday, October 26, 2016

DeArmond - Fuller - Crowder Family Cemetery

A man named Daniel happened across a blog post I did on Pumpkin Center, Georgia which is the community where I live.  You can see that original blog post HERE.  He posted a comment which said:

“Good afternoon! I found your information online and saw you did a lot of research on cemeteries and were in the Pumpkin Center, GA area. My mom's side of the family is from Pumpkin Center and I spent every summer at grandma's house, which is at the corner of Wrightsboro Road and Old Appling Harlem Highway. The reason I am writing though, is that I am working on my family lineage and while researching, I remembered finding a few graves in the edge of the woods across the street from grandma's house. I looked online but did not see them mentioned anywhere and wondered who they were. I wondered if you knew of these graves and if you had any information on them? Growing up, my mom and grandma always told me they were in the woods there and I remember finding them one summer. A few summers later, I remember going there again and finding they looked like someone had tried to dig them up, which spooked me as a kid and I never returned. That was probably 25 years ago. I did a parcel search online and that property is indeed listed as a cemetery. It's parcel 030 004B and is a triangle shape bordered by Wrightsboro Road to the north side of the property and Old Appling Harlem Highway on the south side of the property. The graves were on the south side, just inside the tree line if I remember correctly. Have you ever seen these or heard of them?”

I was a bit miffed that there might be a cemetery less than half a mile from my house that I didn’t know about. Needless to say, I dropped everything I was doing.  I had to find this cemetery.

I was able to locate the current land owner via the Columbia County tax records and I gave her a call.  She was very nice and told me yes, there is a cemetery out there.  She hadn’t been out there in years though. She told me that the cemetery is not visible from the roadway and it is in heavy woods.  She gave me some landmarks to look for and off I went.  I had no problem finding it.  There are 11 graves marked with readable markers and several more graves marked only with brick coping and fieldstones.  I searched for the names on Find A Grave and found that they were not there so I added a new cemetery and the markers I found.  And here is the DeArmond – Fuller – Crowder Family Cemetery.  I goofed when I added the cemetery name.  It should be DeArmond and not Dearmond.  I have already sent a request to have it fixed.

Copyright © 2016 Michele Simmons Lewis


Copyright © 2016 Michèle Simmons Lewis

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