Saturday, February 11, 2017

Vulnus sclopetarium

Vulnus sclopetarium—I found this very interesting term on a soldier’s compiled service record and I had absolutely no idea what it meant. It was listed in a “disease” field.  It was actually abbreviated to Vul Sclopet. I found the answer in an article on Fold3. It means that my soldier had a gunshot wound.  Seriously?  Could they not of just said that? 


  1. Wow. Those are big words for a gunshot wound!

  2. Vulnus = Wound. The sclopet/variations don't show up in any dictionary, and I took Latin and still don't get the root meaning at all. Oh well. Physicians back then only used Latin terms for almost everything... and medical records were considered just for other physicians, so no problem for them. I have seen this on another record as well. Oh the oddities of the past!!

  3. I took your phrase and googled it. I found a website called and the answer too. Genedict said it was a "shooting wound."