Friday, March 24, 2017

The joys of volunteering and pro bono work

Genealogists are a pretty generous lot and most do quite a bit of volunteer and pro bono work, even the professionals. I think it is important for genealogists to get involved in projects that benefit the community as a whole. Here are some ideas.

So what volunteer/pro bono endeavors are you involved in?


Here is an interesting blog post from The Ancestry Insider about some upcoming changes to the Find a Grave website.  You can read the blog post HERE. I think this will be a good thing.

I just can’t turn my brain off from genealogy mode. As soon as I saw that the general manager for Find a Grave is a man named Peter Drinkwater all I could think about was whether or not he could possibly be related to the Drinkwaters of Robeson County, North Carolina in the late 1700s. Sigh…


  1. As a 17-year volunteer for USGenWeb, the experience was a big help in the push to dive deeper into genealogy.

  2. I was a USGenWeb Iowa county coordinator for six years and I participate in FamilySearch indexing projects occasionally. I assisted NFGS in an indexing project this past fall. I volunteered with the original ROAGK. I am a member of many Facebook groups. I don't have subscriptions to genealogy databases but I look up or direct folks to FamilySearch or the USGenWeb.

  3. I volunteer in several ways and enjoy it. As to FindAGrave. The changes are not going to be good for users. I hope they will listen to all of us.