Saturday, April 1, 2017

“Critical” couples

I like to play with BYU’s Relative Finder and Ancestry’s We’re Related app. This is mostly for my entertainment but after using these two programs I have noticed some patterns in the connections.  I am seeing certain couples pop up over and over again in lineages. The couple is usually higher up the chain than what I have proven.  This has made me very curious. Some of the lines on the other side of the equation (the famous people) have been proven.  For example, the lineages of the presidents have all been thoroughly researched.  If I am connected to someone like that through one of the couples that keeps popping up I think it is a good idea for me to try and prove the connection to that couple. One of these couples is Edward Grantham and Katherine Proctor.

I match Rutherford Hayes, John Tyler, George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, William Harrison, Zachary Taylor, Ulysses Grant, William Taft, Gerald Ford, John Kennedy, and James Garfield. To get to these presidents I have to go through Edward Grantham and Katherine Proctor. It is important to note that once you go above Edward and Katherine the lineage goes in different directions to hook up to the common ancestor of each president’s line but Edward and Katherine seem to be the critical couple.

I need to prove three generations to get to Edward and Katherine.  I “think” that my Daniel Grantham’s father was Lewis Grantham and I “think” that Lewis’ father was John Grantham who is supposedly Edward and Catherine’s son. I haven’t worked on trying to prove Daniel’s parents in quite some time. I am going to start with what I know about Daniel Grantham and then work backwards.  If I DISprove Edward Grantham and Katherine Proctor I will be blowing up quite a few lineages.


  1. I see that you and I are 9th cousins on Relative Finder through John Kimbrough and Elizabeth Bradley. I haven't proven past Dempsey Welch and Elizabeth Wilkins. Until I had logged into Relative Finder, I said I wasn't related to any presidents. But I see that I am supposedly related to many. But to do this, the lines goes way back into England, which I certainly haven't proven.

    1. I just pulled up the match :) I have a Kimbrough brick wall. My Sarah Kimbrough (married to David McMichael) is my problem girl. I think that her father was either John Kimbrough or his brother William but so far I can't prove anything. Relative Finder has Sarah's father as William but who knows why they think that.