Wednesday, April 5, 2017

DNA ethnicity–FTNDA old vs. new

FTDNA updated their algorithms and most people have a change in their ethnicity results.  All of the autosomal DNA sites do this from time to time so I dug out some old screenshots to compare them side by side.


FTDNA OLD                                               FTDNA NEW


The 12% Middle Eastern is Asia Minor


AncestryDNA OLD                                    AncestryDNA NEW
(I don’t see a change)

Ancestry oldAncestry


DNALand OLD                                          DNALand NEW

DNALand oldDNALand


(I don’t have a screenshot of my old results)



GEDMatch Dodecad World 9                GEDMatch Eurogenes K13
(I don’t have a screenshot of my old results)

Dodecad World 9Eurogenes K13


And the moral of the story is, every company uses different algorithms and reference populations. Every company updates this information from time to time. It is normal to see different numbers from company to company and it is normal to see different numbers after a company updates. 23andMe is considered to be the most accurate when it comes to ethnicity predictions.  When I look at my 23andMe results they do correspond with my paper trail.

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