Thursday, April 6, 2017

FTDNA old vs. new PART II

This is my uncle’s old and new results.  This one concerns me a lot more than my results do.  You can see my results HERE.

The old results are on the left and the new results are on the right. He went from 43% British Isles to 15% and Scandinavia 33% to 0%  This is a significant change. The old results correspond to his paper trail and the new results do not. I am not sure what to think yet. I am going to wait and see what the top genetic genealogists have to say in their blogs.



  1. The new results have certainly been all over the place for people!

    My test results actually improved and now better match both my paper trail and my Ancestry results. My previous results had almost no West/Central European, but the great majority of my ancestors were German and Swiss immigrants to early Pennsylvania.

  2. My personal results got more defined... I was, literally, 100% British Isles before with no further breakdown. Now, there's a little more. However, pre-update, my husband had 6% Ashkenazi Jew. Post-update, he has 17% Sephardic Jew, no Ashkenazi. No one in the family had any idea this was coming but, before the update, I thought I might be able to pin it down to an unknown 2x great grandparent -- now... I'm concerned.