Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Some surprises in the box (Part II)

I should have known this last box of papers would give my fits. You can read about the box HERE and you can read about the first surprise HERE.

I found TWO marriage records for the same couple.

W. T. Ramshur and Susie Simmons married in Marion County, Mississippi on 26 Jul 19521
W. T. Ramshur and Susie Simmons married in Marion County, Mississippi on 26 Sep 19612

(both W. T. and Susie are deceased)


Both records have the application, license and certificate which is nice.  The 1961 marriage has a clue. This was Warner’s second marriage with the first ending in divorce and this was Susie’s 3rd marriage with the last ending in divorce. The 1952 marriage doesn’t give this information.

It looks like Warner and Susie married each other twice with a divorce in between. Now I need to ask the chancery court to look for a divorce decree. My to-do list is getting longer and longer as I go through this last box.

1 Marion County, Mississippi, Marriage Book 28: 129, Ramshur-Simmons, 1952; Circuit Court, Columbia.
2 Marion County, Mississippi, Marriage Book 31: 534, Ramshur-Simmons, 1952; Circuit Court, Columbia. 


  1. Two of my high school friends said that their parents had divorced and later remarried to each other.

  2. My husband's grandparents married each other twice. The first time she was pregnant. They lived with her parents and life wasn't fun. He wanted to go into the service. She told him if he did, she would divorce him. He went in, she divorced him. He came home, she got pregnant again. So, they had to get married twice. My husband and I laugh about this, but the aunt that told me didn't think it so funny. I then went and found all the supporting documents.