Friday, April 7, 2017

The very last box

I have been researching my family for 26 years. I collected a lot of documents before any were available online for download. I didn’t have a computer until 1995 and I don’t think I had a scanner until about 2000. On 07 September 2013, I pulled all of my documents out of their binders and put them in boxes so that I could scan them. How do I know the exact date?  I blogged about it of course. When I scan a document I also analyze it again. I have a lot more knowledge now than I did back then so I could have easily missed something. I also double check my source citation because sources I created years ago aren’t up to the current standards. After I am done I put the document back into its binder. I started with ten boxes crammed full and here it is, the very last box.


IMG_20170406_103310933_HDR (002)

I am very excited. I am going to try very hard to get this box close to empty this weekend. Some of these aren’t that easy to work with. The ones you see on top are my grandfather’s work documents from 1928 until he was drafted into the German Army. He was a Küfer (barrel maker). I have his driver’s license from 1939 and some personal letters. They are all written in German.  Yes, I saved the hardest for last.


  1. Congratulations!! That is a huge accomplishment.

  2. Like you, I have a lot of paper documents from the days before online digital images, and I'm working my way through scanning them. Like you, I have discovered important things in the process that I didn't know enough to value when I made those photocopies. Our local genealogy club has used this for a few meetings -- sharing important facts that we didn't see the first time around, especially "FAN club" members' names. I wish that I had been as systematic about doing this as you have, while I was scanning those old items.

  3. Congratulations!! What an accomplishment! This makes me want to double down on my boxes that need to be scanned.