Tuesday, June 6, 2017

DNA groups on Facebook

There are a couple of unscrupulous DNA groups on Facebook that claim to help adoptees find their birth families. The “searchers” misrepresent themselves as experts when they are not and they are asking for money to “help” with your searches. If you are an adoptee looking for your birth family, or you are a birth family member looking for the adoptee, the group you need to join is Search Squad. The “Search Angels” volunteer their time and expertise and they are vetted by the administrators.  I am one of those Search Angels and I am appalled at what I am seeing in some other groups. Search Squad is an sister group to CeCe Moore’s DNA Detectives group.

Here is the description of the DNA Detectives group:

“The DNA Detectives group is focused on bringing together volunteers with genetic genealogy and searching experience with those seeking biological family -- adoptees, foundlings, donor-conceived individuals, unknown paternity and all other types of unknown parentage cases, near or far. This group is for members helping members and self-education.”

And here is some information from Search Squad pinned post:

“We are a group of VOLUNTEER Search Angels. We called this group Search Squad for a reason - we work together as a team and amazing things happen. Cases are not assigned - this group is truly a squad and we work together on cases. Each volunteer has their own set of skills and databases and chooses posts they think they can help with...then finds and posts information that other volunteers can work from when they are here. With that being said, there can also be people here who are not helpful and may even be harmful. Be cautious when communicating in private with any individual, trust your instincts. If you keep your search in the open on this group, we can monitor and jump in if something seems off. If you have concerns, please let an admin know. We conduct searches on your post. We do not use email, phone calls, or texting to work your search, we work as a TEAM. You may be contacted by an “Authorized Angel” in a PM with questions or sensitive information. Those “Authorized Angels” can be found in the files section, and are also linked in your “welcome” post after your post is approved.”

DNA Detectives is more for the do-it-yourselfer and for people wanting to learn more about DNA strategies.  There are quite a few expert genetic genealogists that monitor and contribute to this group so it is a great learning environment.

Search Squad is more for the person that does not have much experience with traditional genealogy or genetic genealogy and needs help with their search.

If you stick to these two groups you will not go wrong. 

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