Saturday, June 10, 2017

Kitty Cooper is my hero today

Kitty Cooper has designed an Ancestor Chromosome Mapper tool. It has actually been around for a long time but every time I looked at it I was a little intimated so I ignored it. Today I decided to bite the bullet and generate a chromosome map for my family. I pulled data from GEDmatch.  I did a “One to Many” comparison and then check marked the boxes of the people that I know who the most recent common ancestor (MCRA) is.  I then downloaded the segment info into a CSV file.  GEDmatch includes not only the segment data for your matches but also how all of your matches match each other so I deleted the rows below my matches.  I then manipulated the columns per Kitty’s instructions and uploaded the file.  MAGIC!  This is a very limited map that only includes a few of my matches but now that I know how this works I can start adding more data into my master spreadsheet.


But that’s not all Kitty is helping me with today.  I haven’t had the time to work with putting my GEDmatch matches into tagged groups and that is what I am doing now thanks to Kitty’s GEDmatch Tag Groups blog post.

You can use Kitty’s Ancestor Chromosome Mapper free of charge but please consider sending her a donation for all of her hard work. There is a link at the bottom of her page that has instructions on how you can do that.

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  1. Thanks for writing about how cool Kitty's chromosome mapper is ! I agree 100 percent.