Saturday, July 15, 2017


LivingDNA contacted me awhile back and offered me a free DNA test in exchange for an honest evaluation. No way I was going to pass that up.  I didn’t have to actually test. I sent them my raw DNA file from 23andMe. They do not normally accept raw DNA transfers. You must test with them, at least right now.

I was interested in LivingDNA because of their emphasis on the UK. They have started a new German project as well which I will be equally interested in.  Why is the UK and Germany interesting to me?  I “know” that certain brick wall lines originated in the UK but I don’t know where exactly.  I thought this test might help narrow it for me. One-half of my DNA is Germanic (Germany, present day Poland, and present day Alsace) so any insights on my German half is also appreciated.

My general breakdown is exactly what I expected. It matches my paper research very well.


Where it gets interesting is when you click the Sub Regions.  It is hard to see in screenshots. You can’t see the entire list over on the left, but how cool is this!  Look how the UK is broken down.


You can then click each individual region to get a closer look.  The lightly shaded area are additional regions but I only have South Central England highlighted.


Because I transferred my raw data and didn’t directly test with them I was not given my mtDNA haplogroup (men would also get their yDNA haplogroup).  They don’t do full yDNA and mtDNA testing but will provide the haplogroups as well as haplogroup maps and trees.

With their emphasis on the UK and soon Germany I think it is well worth your while to test with LivingDNA if you are interested in these areas.  All serious DNA researchers should have their DNA in EVERY pool and that includes LivingDNA. As with any company that reports ethnicity, the results will become more refined over time as they add more reference populations.

They do not have cousin matching yet but it is coming. Since LivingDNA's focus is international testing this will open up all kinds of new avenues.

I received my test results for free.  Would I have paid for it?  Yes.

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