Wednesday, August 9, 2017

MyHeritage and Legacy


By now I am sure you have heard that MyHeritage has acquired Millennia, the parent company of Legacy Family Tree and Legacy Tree Webinars.

Here are the official press releases:

Legacy Family Tree (and an additional FAQ)

We have been pretty busy during the process so I am just now getting around to announcing it on the blog. As we move forward I will be posting more information and answering any questions that you might have. If you are on Facebook I highly recommend you join our Legacy Users Group page (over 14,000 members strong) which is monitored by some of Legacy staff and some of beta testers and translators. We have been answering everyone’s questions there as well as on our Legacy Users Group Mailing List.



  1. Tamura Jones said, "This deal is not really about acquiring the existing 500 presentations, Legacy webinars have a well-deserved reputation for being mediocre and aimed at beginners, with annoying sales pitches at the beginning and end."

  2. Tamura is way off base (which isn't that unusual). The Legacy webinars have had nothing but good reviews (other than Tamura's). As a matter of fact, the Legacy webinars reputation is so good that the Board for Certification of Genealogists has contacted with Legacy Family Tree to host their webinars. You will not find a better value in genealogy continuing education anywhere.