Thursday, September 20, 2012

Questions About the Vietnam War and FamilySearch Indexing

Public Service Announcement: Get ready for Sherlock! Many researchers have written about how Sherlock Holmes' deductive reasoning methods are perfect for genealogy but my take on it will be a little different. I will be illustrating each principle with direct quotes from Sherlock Holmes or Dr. Watson. I will also be including little interesting tidbits of info and trivia. Tomorrow's blog post will be the introduction to the series. It will be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to it. I am probably one of the biggest Sherlock fans out there.

Marie K. asks:
"Can I get military records for someone that served in Vietnam?"

The short answer is no. The only way you can get military records of this era is if you prove the person in question is deceased and you also show that you are the person's spouse or child. These records are protected. There are casualty lists that are public record as well as lists of people that received service awards/medals. There are also things like the history of units and of particular battles. A lot of what the National Archives has for Vietnam is online HERE.

Barb asks:
"How do you sign up to be a volunteer indexer for FamilySearch?"

You go to the FamilySearch Indexing Page and click the "Get Started" button. I suggest you take advantage of the helps that are available to you on the indexing page. You need to take a little time to learn how it all works. There are also two free Legacy Family Tree webinars that are excellent.

Helping Unlock the World's Records - An Insider's Perspective on FamilySearch Indexing
Helping Unlock the World's Records - FamilySearch Indexing for Power Users

One piece of advice, ALWAYS read the project instructions and the field helps for every project you work on every time you work on them. Under the Project Instructions, click on the link that says summary of project updates. Not taking the time to do this is the biggest mistake that new indexers make. Each project has its own set of rules which you need to know.

Indexing records is a very worthwhile project and you will get a lot of satisfaction out of your work. This is a great way to give back to the genealogy community.

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