Monday, September 17, 2012

Questions About Citations, Nicknames and Rootsweb Mailing Lists

Before I answer a few questions I would like to send a big thank you to the Jefferson Parish, Louisiana Genealogical Society for publishing my article on Non Population Schedules in their Sep/Oct newsletter. What an honor!

Question from Doug:
"How exactly do you cite Find-A-Grave as a source?"

The way I site it is a little different that how you would find it in Evidence Explained. I have modified it just a bit.

"Find A," digital images (, Henry L. Griffin marker, Memorial #43186296, photograph by Cecil Augustus Fountain, Sr; Liberty Hill Cemetery, Twiggs County, Georgia.

Another question from Doug:
"How does your citation differ from a marriage index to a marriage license that you actually have in your possession?" Index:

Hunting for Bears, "Georgia Marriages, 1699-1944," database, (, John Gardner and Pricilla Ryle; Wilkinson County, Georgia, 08 Aug 1846.

License I actually have a copy of:

Marion County, Mississippi, Marriage Book D: 240, Wm. Isaac Simmons and Mary Boon, 1881.

If you read the Pitfalls Beginners Need to Avoid blog you will recognize this as the marriage of Daniel Boon's daughter Mary Catherine and my great, great uncle Ike. This would be Daniel Boon of Mississippi, not Daniel Boone of Kentucky, which was my example for one of the pitfalls.

Question from Michelle:
"I have a relative whose name was Kitty. Every record I can find only says Kitty. I am thinking this was a nickname so how do I record this?"

I would record her name as Kitty until I found something otherwise. You can't assume it was a nickname unless you find a credible source that give her full name as something else.

Question from Don:
"You have mentioned that you belong to several Rootsweb mailing lists. I would be curious to know which ones."

I subscribe and unsubscribe to lists all the time depending on what I am researching. Here is the list of mailing lists I am subscribed to all the time. You can see all the Rootsweb lists HERE.

  • GA-CCGS [Columbia County Genealogical Society] Administrator
  • GACOLUMB [Columbia County, GA]
  • GALINCOL [Lincoln County, GA]
  • GAMCDUFF [McDuffie County, GA]
  • GARICHMO [Richmond County, GA]
  • GLAENTZER [surname list] Administrator
  • ISFHWE [International Society of Family History Writers and Editors]
  • MSFORRES [Forrest County, MS]
  • MSMARION [Marion County, MS]
  • MSLAMAR [Lamar County, MS]
  • MSPERRY [Perry County, MS]
  • SIMMONS [surname list]
  • TRANSITIONAL-GENEALOGISTS-FORUM [list for hobbyists aspiring to be professionals]
  • WEICHERT [surname list]

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