Thursday, October 4, 2012

18 Day with Sherlock - Day 13– Set Aside Your Brick Walls

When Holmes was at a complete standstill in the case of the "Sign of the Four," he set the case aside and started working on something else for a time. When he came back to the original case, he reanalyzed what he already had and then had a eureka moment.

I have been known to set a brick wall aside for a week or even six months. When I look at it with fresh eyes I either notice something that I didn't see before or I think of some new source to check. I always have plenty of other things to work on in the meantime. Take a look at Tips for Breaking Down Brick Walls for more ideas. This post has been one of the most popular ones since we started. I will be doing a followup soon with more tips.

“One of our greatest statesmen has said that a change of work is the best rest.” [Holmes to Watson, "Sign of the Four"]

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