Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An Idea For Christmas

One of the coolest things you can give a person for Christmas is a professionally done pedigree chart. Since you have all of your relatives in your file already, it is easy to use each one of them as a starting person for their own chart so that it is customized just for them.

The company I like is Family Chartmasters. Legacy happens to work with this company so I can design charts and order right through my genealogy program but this company will also do charts using your pedigree file upload and your specifications.

Janet Hovorka of Family Chartmasters has a FREE webinar showing you what all they can do. This webinar was made for Legacy users but they can do all of this using your GEDCOM upload. Take a look at Further Your Research and Unify Your Family Reunion with Beautiful Genealogy Charts

You can find other gift ideas in Thomas MacEntee"s FREE webinar 10 Ideas for Great Gifts Using Your Family Photos.

Giving gifts like this just might spark an interest in relatives who tend to scoff at your obsession.

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