Thursday, November 29, 2012

County Clerk, Not a Fun Job

When you look at deed books and will books did you know that you are not looking at the originals? The county clerk hand copied the deeds and wills into those books. The originals were kept by the persons involved. When you look at a will you will see the word seal with a squiggly line around it next to the the name of the person that signed. On the original that would have been a wax seal. You probably won't see an original deed unless one has been passed down in your family but you might see an original will if you are doing probate research. The original will was normally brought to the first hearing. If it was retained by the court then you might find it in the probate "loose papers" if your county kept the records in books. If your county keep all of the probate together for a single person in a box/drawer/file then you might find it in there. Every time I am looking at an official court documents whether it be wills, deeds, marriages, or court minutes, I can't help but feel sorry for the poor clerk who had to do all of that writing. I also look at the handwriting in awe when you have a clerk that wrote using Copperplate or Spencerian Script. I have visions of the person really taking pride in their work.

Here is an example of Spencerian Script. If you are interested in learning HOW to write this way then take a look at Spencerian Penmanship. My daughter Kaitlyn used this program and has beautiful handwriting.

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