Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Old Cemetery Surveys

Most cemeteries have been surveyed multiple times over the years and sometimes the earlier surveys are more useful than the modern ones.

Calvin E. Jones was buried in the Boone Family Cemetery in Lamar County, Mississippi on 11 May 1945. 1 There is a memorial on Find-A-Grave in the Boone Family Cemetery for Calvin but there is no photograph. I requested a photograph. The photographer that went out to the cemetery reported that there was no marker. So the question is, was there ever a marker.

The answer to that question is found in older cemetery surveys. I found that Elaine Bullock surveyed the Boone Family Cemetery on 30 Sep 1989 and again on 15 Sep 1991. 2 Here is the entry:

The following were included in reference A, but could no longer be found:
207. Calvin JONES, d. 10 May 1945, aged 70 [this may have been a FHM*]

Reference A is a cemetery survey done in 1978 by Leonard Slade so I also checked that and here is that entry:

Jones, Calvin - D[ied]-May 10, 1945 - Age 70. 4

Leonard Slade found a marker in 1978 but no marker was found in 1989, 1991 nor in 2012. In 1991, Elaine Bullock thought perhaps there had only been a FHM* and I think that is mostly likely the case. If you have good reason to believe someone was buried in a certain cemetery but there isn't a marker for that person, see if you can find some old cemetery surveys.

*FHM - funeral home marker

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2 Elaine Bullock and Stanley W. Arnold, Jr., The Complete Book of Lamar County Mississippi Cemeteries (North Little Rock: Custom Printing, 1992), 33.
3 Ibid., 41.
4 Leonard L. Slade, Sr., Lamar County Heritage (Baltimore: Gateway Press, Inc., 1978), 73.

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  1. The cemetery where many of my family members are buried was surveyed last year. I found many errors in the listing due to the fact that the stones were difficult to read. Fortunately I had made photographs previously and was able to provide the correct information.

  2. Great job! It is so important for people to get involved to get the CORRECT information out there.