Thursday, November 1, 2012

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Public Service Announcements: I have been watching the news every day and I am still amazed at how widespread Sandy's damage is. Praying for all of those affected by this terrible storm.

I took the anti-robot feature off of the comments section of the blog (the thing where you have to type the letters and numbers that you see) because several people had emailed me about how hard it is to get past that thing. I had to put it back on less than 24 hours hours later because the blog was flooded with spam messages. If you hit the refresh button (the little circle thing) a few times eventually you will see a combo that is easier to read. I do this myself on the blogs that I post on. I wish I didn't have to have that thing on there but I have no choice thanks to all the morons out there.

I thought you might like to see what the five most popular blog posts have been during the last three months.

#5 - Starting at the Very Beginning

#4 - Problems With Find-A-Grave

#3 - Research Calendars/Plans/Logs

#2 - The Basics of Citing Your Sources

#1 - Tips for Breaking Down Brick Walls

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