Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Followup of a Followup and Legacy Webinars

I have spoken several times this past week about how you need to report what you find truthfully and objectively even if you uncover things that are not socially acceptable.

Kevin Ralston of Generous Genealogists blogged Monday on this very topic. Please take a look at The Dark Side of Genealogy. I thought you might like to read what another experienced researcher has to say about this.

The list of 2013 FREE Legacy Webinars has been announced! I will tell you that Legacy will be adding more Webinars as the year progresses so you really need to check their page on a regular basis so that they don't sneak one past you. You will also be able to access their older webinars. Some are still free, some will always be free and some you will have to pay for to see because you missed them while they were free. Legacy always offers the webinars for at least 10 days free after they are shown live (the live webinars are always free). After that, they sell them on CD. Some of their webinars stay free forever. Please take advantage if this. You will not get this type of quality continuing education for free anywhere else. I bet you didn't think I could use the word free so many times in one paragraph :)

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