Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Nice Find

If you follow me on Facebook you will know that I went to the Columbia County, Georgia courthouse on Tuesday.  I found something very cool totally by accident.  I was actually there for a different reason.

On prior visits I had asked about loose probate papers/packets (intestate) and I have always been told that there aren't any. Most everything is in bound books but there should be some loose papers. The clerks said they knew nothing about it so I assumed they were lost. I had searched the vault myself and couldn't find any. The FHL has no microfilm of the loose probate packets.

Yesterday I found a little loose leaf folder buried under a bunch of other stuff. Guess what it was. It was an inventory of the loose probate packets.  They were sent to the Georgia Archives years ago so the clerks didn't know. This little folder listed ALL of the persons in the probate packets and exactly which boxes in the archives they are in. The individual papers were sorted and filed in file folders by name. My person of interest, Calvin R. Lewis was on the list. I have been trying to prove who his father was. Calvin was only 26 at the time of his death in 1851. I am hoping, praying, that his father (the person I think is his father) or one of that man's known sons was listed as the administrator which will help me solidify the bond. I do have other evidence but more evidence would be good.

This means a trip to the Georgia Archives.  I am planning on going tomorrow (Friday) so I will be scrambling to make a list of all of the other things I need while I am there.  I am very glad to see that some progress is being made to keep the  Georgia Archives open. 

[Governor] Deal Sets Aside $4.3 Million for Georgia Archives

Here is a picture looking into the vault at the Columbia County Probate Court.  This is where you will find probate, deeds, marriages and tax records along with other cool things like lunacy records and arrest records.


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  1. What a crazy find! I wish you luck at the Archive tomorrow.

  2. I don't look forward to the drive but it will be fun once I get there.