Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Funny the Things You Find

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By now you know my family has been in the deep south since before the Rev. War, however, only three of my lines were ever in the state of Georgia and two of those just long enough to get to the state of Mississippi. My son-in-law's paternal side has been in Georgia for a very long time. There was really no reason for me to think that our ancestors had crossed paths, but maybe. One of his counties and one of my counties were right next to each other. Then I found this:

1850 Federal Census, Burke County, Georgia1

Samuel Seager, age 19, male, farmer, value of real estate $2300, born in GA, married within the year
Huldah Seager, age 16, female, born in GA, married within the year
Azariah Dukes, age 18, male, plough man, born in GA

Well, well, well. It looks my son-in-law's 3rd great-granduncle Azariah Dukes was working for my first cousin five times removed Samuel Seegar in 1850 (I am glad it wasn't the other way around or I wouldn't hear the end of it).

11850 U.S. census, Burke County, Georgia, population schedule, 71st and 72nd Georgia Militia District, p. 303 [stamped], dwelling 523, family 523, Samuel Seager household; National Archives and Records Administration microfilm M432, roll 62.

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  1. Love these types of finds. Be sure to hang it!

  2. My poor son-in-law :) I have to work on his genealogy now that he is part of the family :)