Saturday, April 19, 2014

Just my luck

Everyone is so excited about the Pennsylvania Death Certificates being released on  They are releasing them on a schedule.

The 1906-1924 death certificates have been released.
The 1925-1944 death certificates will be released in June 2014
The 1945-1963 death certificates will be released in November 2014
The 1906 birth certificates will be released in March 2015.

Pennsylvania residents have FREE access to this record set when you register through the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission.  Everyone else will need to have a regular subscription to view them.

I did a search in Legacy to see who all I had in my file that died in the state of Pennsylvania.  This is what Legacy told me.

no records

Just my luck Sad smile


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  1. Thanks for the information! I have a few people on my husband's side of the family I have to look up.

  2. I have only one and I already had ordered the certificate and received it!

  3. Sorry for you! Most of my dad's family lived in PA. Right now I have 58 new death certificates in my downloads folder to examine and enter in my genealogy program...most are for people who are already in my files without dates of death or burial places! I had a great weekend!

  4. I already had a text file for tracking my searches in the Pennsylvania Department of Health indexes. I added a new column to mark whether an entry falls in the new database's date range and then went hunting certificates. Next will be processing all those new records. As usual, lots of spelling discrepancies on the records and transcription errors in the indexing. But, being able to search more effectively AND check the image to verify that this is the right person, is very welcome.

    1. Another lucky person! I am so jealous :) :) The Georgia ones are online through 1930. Supposedly 1931-1940 will be up soon.