Thursday, April 10, 2014

One wife? Two?

Yesterday I showed you an example of a marriage certificate that wasn’t filled out but the man and woman did in fact get married.  Today I am going to show you an example of one where the two probably didn’t get married.

On 06 February 1943, Andrew Simmons and Marie Sistrunk were issued a license to get married.  The bottom portion, the actual certificate, is not completed.

Simmons, Andrew and Marie Sistruck 1943Marion County, Mississippi, Marriage Book 24: 471, Simmons-Sistrunk, 1943; Circuit Court, Columbia. 


Six months later, on 15 August 1943, Andrew Simmons and Lossie May were married.  Though this document doesn’t say so, it is a given that they were in fact issued a license to get married and that probably occurred on 07 August 1943.

Simmons, Andrew and Lossie May marriage 1943Marion County, Mississippi, Marriage Book 24: 523, Simmons-May, 1943; Circuit Court, Columbia.


The Marion County Circuit Court has been unable to locate a divorce decree for Andrew and Marie.  Apparently they got their license and then backed out.  Andrew ended up marrying Lossie.  It is of course possible that Andrew and Marie did marry and their divorce decree is lost but that is a less likely scenario since the Marion County Circuit Court has a pretty good reputation when it comes to their recordkeeping.


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  1. This is the only way I found my husband's grandfather's name. His grandmother had been married, divorced, then had my husband's father while she wasn't married. His mother had said she remembered his grandfather's surname was Anderson. I thought, Oh great. I'll never find him. Then I found a record for a marriage between a Michael Anderson & my husband's grandma about a month after his dad was born. I ordered it & found that what had been indexed was a license & there was no record of a marriage & I never did find a divorce so one or both must have backed out. Lucky for me though it gave his middle name & age and I was then able to find him!