Saturday, May 17, 2014

Find A Grave update

I am loving Find A Grave’s new “Edits” tab under Contributor Tools but I keep forgetting to check it!  I went in this morning and there were five edits that I needed to look at. 

They have now added the ability to suggest familial links which is nice.  I am thinking that with this addition we won’t be getting any more emails other than those tied to requests and request fulfillments.

I checked my list of photo requests.  I only have 17 open requests, not bad.  The oldest request that is still on the list is from 15 July 2011 for Louisa (Baptiste) Chighizola who is buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Mobile, Alabama.  There are 43 pending requests for this cemetery.   So what’s the problem?  I did a quick Google search and found that this particular cemetery covers over 150 acres. Oh my.  This cemetery does have sexton records, however.  Surely the sexton records can narrow the location of the grave for whoever goes out there to take the photo.

So, are there any blog readers in Mobile, Alabama that want to snap a photo of Louisa’s marker for me?


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  1. Well you're in luck! I just happen to live in Mobile, Alabama. I can see why this one has so many requests. It's not in the best area of town and it's a biggie. I'm going to be in town today, so I can stop off and see if I can find it. Do you have any idea about where it is? If not, that's fine I'll still see what I can do. If you do, my email is my user name here and add at and I'll check it before I go.

    1. Oh my gosh! Really? That is so nice of you! I have no idea where she is buried but I know that the cemetery has an office and sexton records. I am hoping that they will be able to at least provide you with a section.

  2. Wow I didn't know there was so much more than graves on Find A Grave. Thanks for the info

  3. Just did some checking looking for hints and found a problem. That cemetery wasn't founded until Dec of 1848 and your Louisa died in 1836. Where would I get the sexton records? If you look at a satellite photo, there is a circular area with graves and that's the oldest part of the cemetery. However, I'm not sure what to think about that death date. I'll try looking around in that area.

    Interestingly enough, the reason I'll be in town today is because I am joining DAR. This week, the chapter I am joining is hosting the genealogical library (they do it monthly) and the woman there today is going to help me with my application. While I'm there, I'll see if there are any records on that cemetery. This has me intrigued!