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I have very few old photographs.  On my mother’s side most of the photos were lost during World War II (Germany).  On my dad’s side the family was pretty poor through the generations and took very few photographs to begin with.  My Uncle Billy had most of the family photographs but he lost everything when a hurricane wiped out his house.  I have been able to get copies of some old photos over the years from relatives but my collection is still relatively small.  Here is one of my favorites.  This is only a copy.  The original was lost in the hurricane.

The boys

This is a picture of my grandmother, Leora (Perry) Simmons.  The boy in the back is my Uncle Billy.  My dad, Tommy, is the middle boy.  The youngest boy is my Uncle Jerry.  By the time this photograph was taken,  Leora had already lost a son to diphtheria.  James Filmore was the 2nd oldest child between Billy and Tommy.  Leora had two more children after this photo, my Uncle Leonard and my Aunt Carolyn.  They lived in rural Lamar County, Mississippi and they were dirt poor.  That is why there were precious few photographs of the family.   This picture would have been taken about 1943.  For the boys in the family, their ticket out of poverty was the military.  All four boys enlisted, two made it a career.   When I look at my grandmother, I can see the hard life on her face. 

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