Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I watched Thomas MacEntee’s webinar, Mind Mapping Your Research Plans and Results and was intrigued by Popplet.  I wasn’t sure how I might use this website but I tucked the information in the back of my mind for later use.  A couple of days ago someone posted how they were using Popplet and offered up a screenshot.  This renewed my interest.  I happen to be working on a client research project right now that is a tad convoluted.  I need to be able to create a chart that goes off in different directions.  I decided to give Popplet a try.  This is the perfect solution to my dilemma.  I am able to do a chart showing the different branches that I need.  I can color code each branch making the chart much easier to understand.  I can’t post my chart here because this contains real data for a real client but I will tell you that this visual will make it a lot easier for the client to understand how everyone was connected.  I still want to jazz it up a bit by adding some comments and graphics (Thomas shows you how to do this in the webinar). 

Copyright © 2014 Michele Simmons Lewis


  1. What a great tool. And easy to use too. I have been wanting something like that to show how one gentleman is my 4x g-grandfather down 4 different lines all at once. (Yes, 4 of his children are my 3x g-parents). It came out really nice, and it was easy to move things around as I built it. Thanks for suggestion!

    1. The little Popplets are just so darn cute :)