Thursday, July 24, 2014

The importance of borders

I have talked about borders before but always in the context of the United States.  This past week I learned how important it is to know about the border changes no matter which country you are working with.  I have a Prussian document dated 10 Jan 1922 that was a puzzle to me. It is a declaration of citizenship to Prussia for my great-grandmother Emilie (Fiege) Weichert. She was living in the Marienwerder District where she was born and had always lived. Why did she need citizenship? The Treaty of Versailles signed at the end of World War I split the Marienwerder District between Prussia and Poland. I now know that this paper was necessary to show her allegiance to Germany instead of Poland. I never noticed that the document actually says “Auf Grund des Artikels 91 des Vertrages von Versailles…” (On the basis of Article 91 of the Treaty of Versailles…)  Now it all makes sense.


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