Monday, July 21, 2014

To crop or not to crop, that is the question

Someone on the Organized Genealogist’s Facebook Page asked a great question.  Should you crop images to more clearly show the relevant sections?

I always scan the entire page (page in a book, newspaper page, census page etc.)  I want the entire page for several reasons.  I never like to take something completely out of context. The page may have important header information that further identifies the source. There may be clues on this page that aren’t readily apparent but will be once you do more research. 

Sometimes the entire page is a bit cumbersome and it is hard to see the pertinent information.  I extract the relevant information and put that in my notes or in an event in Legacy but I also attach the complete page so that anyone can come behind me and examine it.  You could also do a clipping of a portion of the page to make it more readable but I would still attach the entire page as well.


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  1. Actually The Organized Genealogist’s Facebook Page is *NOT* a Page but a Closed Group. A very active one. I'm a member too. If you are not familiar with "closed groups"on Facebook, it simply means you must request membership. Personally I think the GOOD closed groups are the ones like The Organized Genealogist -- specific rules with good admins. I highly recommend this group.

    1. Of course you are correct. It is a Group and not a Page. I am a techno dweeb so I gets stuff like that mixed up all the time. All I know is that it is a GREAT resource :)